Our expertise

Fractional Leadership

A fractional technology leader is a part-time technology executive, part of your leadership team, fully committed to your organisation. They allocate an agreed amount of time to your business, providing situational or strategic leadership and mentorship for your team.  Our experienced IT leaders understand how to make fractional resourcing work for your organisation. We relish the opportunity to support and advance your business while you benefit from our experience, knowledge and leadership.

Technology Strategy

We bring more than 20 years of experience to creating and executing technology strategies and enterprise architecture across a wide range of industries. We work hard to understand your business, identify opportunities and pain-points and deliver an insightful technology strategy supported by pragmatic, actionable plans. 


Everyone’s going digital, but what does this mean for your business? We recongnise that digital isn’t just about the technology, it’s also about transforming the experience of your customers and driving more efficiency in your organisation. We bring extensive digital experience across a wide range of industries and help you cut through the jargon and hype to focus on those iniatives that transform your business.

Programs and Projects

Our years of experience sucessfuly delivering programs and projects means we can ensure you achieve your business outcomes. We’ll help you set up your program for success, keep it on track or step in if something goes wrong . We’ve successfully managed projects for clients across media, utilities, financial services, retail, higher education as well as state and federal government.


Cyber is a growing concern for Boards, CEOs and of course CIOs.  We take a risk-based approach, working with senior leaders to identify and asess your  cyber risks and develop strategies and plans to manage these risks.  We understand the evolving cyber landscape and have a strong focus on organisational behavioural change, recognising that often people and culture can be the weakest link.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We know that ERP is often the largest and riskiest technology investment an organisation makes. Our team has proven experience in successful ERP design, planning and deployment with a focus on sound upfront planning, commecials, vendor management and governance.


What does moving to the cloud mean for your business? We understand the impacts on your IT organisation, finances and cyber security and can ensure that transition risks are minimised and benefits maximised.  We have experience across a wide range of cloud technologies and deployment approaches.