Please to meet you

We’re Pivotpoint, a next-generation professional services company specialising in technology. We help organisations make the right decisions about strategy, technology, projects, digital and cyber. As senior IT leaders, we apply our real-world IT experience to help you improve your business and build sustainable growth. 

How can we help?

Whether you’re a government department, a startup or SME, making the right decisions about technology will be critical to your success. 

We know technology is a differentiator; we can help you use it to achieve your business objectives: grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction, increase employee or identify and mitigate cyber risks to protect your data and operations. We understand how to apply fractional leadership to empower your organisation, most efficiently.

What makes us the right fit?

Our experience and our people

We’re seasoned IT professionals, rather than career consultants. We’ve held senior roles as CIOs, CDOs, CTOs and CISOs and have managed sizable teams in large and small to medium organisations as well as state and federal government.

Our People

Our team will apply decades of experience to your organisation’s current challenges.

We have deep experience in IT strategy, project delivery and support, operating models, cyber risk and digital. We have worked in industries such as media, utilities, financial services, retail, higher education as well as state and federal government.